We are thrilled to announce our FOUR winners with GoodGrandma℠ and Kiln it with Clay! Each winner will receive their very own personal hand thrown bowl made by Clay himself. Our first winner is selected from our Guest Grandma and A Spotlight Grandma posts. Drumroll please…The winner is Tausana with Dozer’s Nana. Congratulations, Tausana!

Our second winner is selected from GoodGrandma’s subscriber list. Yep, it’s that easy to win! Just subscribe and your automatically entered to win monthly prizes. The winner is…Julie! The third winner was selected from our social media posts. The bowl will be awarded to an individual who Liked, Tagged, and Shared our posts. The winner of the third hand thrown bowl goes to…Leisa! The fourth and final winner has been chosen from Kiln it with Clay followers! The winner is…Cenia!

Thanks to those who support GoodGrandma and Kiln it with Clay! We appreciate you! We will contact our winners via email and through social media. Congratulations to our FOUR winners!

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