What’s a Bumbo? A Bumbo is a chair designed to help an infant sit upright. 

I never owned a Bumbo with my own children; in fact, they weren’t even invented until 2001 (in 2012 a seatbelt was added). But even if they had been around, I wouldn’t have seen the need to buy one. Now that Richard and I have lots of little grandkids, I decided to purchase one. I have learned that there are developmental controversies with using a Bumbo. I would agree with doctors that it shouldn’t replace normal developmental stages, like tummy time and practicing sitting, and it shouldn’t be used as a babysitter. But the times my grandchildren have used the Bumbo when at my home was when they were being fed by their mother or to help with acid reflux, keeping the baby upright after eating. Never have they been left in the Bumbo for long periods of time. I think it’s a handy gadget to have at grandma’s, and it doesn’t require a lot of space to store. Before I purchased a Bumbo, I did some price comparison and found Wal-Mart to have the lowest price. I got the last one on the shelf! I didn’t care about the color, although they have a variety to choose from. I would recommend having a Bumbo on hand if you know you’ll have several grandkids who will use it or if the price fits in your budget. Please be sure to use the Bumbo safely. 

“I like the Bumbo! It’s a convenient way to transport a highchair if traveling.” ~ Courtney

“We loved the Bumbo. It was a great in between till my child fit in a highchair.” ~ Hillary

“I liked the Bumbo but didn’t love the attachment for the tray. They have a newer one now that looks nicer to me.” ~ Jenny


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