Gift Bags of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! GG Idea: I know it’s a late post, but here’s an idea for next year. Each year I put together a holiday bag for each family unit. I like to find things at dollar stores and bins of inexpensive trinkets at other stores. I like to give my grandchildren gifts with a purpose or practical items. This year each child was given a chore chart, with other items, but I told them that doing their chores shows love, and Valentine’s Day is all about love. I like to give these gifts in a reusable tote; less trash and practical. So, let’s get ready for next year. As you are out and about shopping look for deals. Today I bought window gel decorations for 64 cents. I’ll save them for next year to give the grandkids. By the way, the toddlers loved the window gel hearts I gave them this year; lots of play time for the little ones and free time for mommies (gifts with a purpose). If the budget is tight, a homemade card is a perfect idea to give your grandkids to let them know you love them on a loving holiday.

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