Grandma is Kai’s Favorite

Furry grands are an important part of family units. Kai is a furry grand that I love to spoil. I carry doggy treats in my car so I am always prepared when I see him. I love him and he loves me. When he hears the word “grandma,” he gets excited. When his parents need to leave they tell Kai to take care of business so they can go to grandma’s house – Kai immediately runs out back and gets the job done. Kai also likes to chew on empty water bottles. I try to plan to have an empty bottle for him upon my arrival. One time I went to see my daughter and grandson and Kai was not informed I was coming. He got so excited he ended up running into the door and putting a dent in the wall behind it. I love my furry grands and love spoiling them like my grandkids.

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