A dear friend of ours shared a book with GoodGrandma℠ a short time ago. It came at a time when we were working on My Life My Storybook. It is a story that you need to read several times to grasp all of the meaning and symbolism. The book is The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore by William Joyce. Even the title of the book is something to ponder; more is less more.

Morris Lessmore wrote in his book daily. He wrote about his joys and sorrows and he knew all that he had hoped for in life. But, as in life, and in storybooks, there seems to always be a few bumps along the journey. This happened in Morris Lessmore’s life. As he continues on the path to find answers to his questions, he sees a lady with many books tied to strings and keeping her afloat. Morris Lessmore then ends up at what seems to be a library. Here he shares his books with others (or his knowledge and insight), and learns from the books as well. Morris Lessmore ages and soon learns how the woman was able to stay in the air with the flying books. 

We understand from this story how each of our own lives has much to offer and our own life story should be preserved. In addition, it seems the author wanted us to recognize the importance of education and reading from good books, as if the information we take into our minds stays with us here and beyond the grave. Perhaps you may have a different insight on this book? What do you derive from The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore?

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