Q-tip Skeletons are so fun and easy to make! All you need is black construction paper, a white piece of paper, Q-tips, black marker, and some glue. GoodGrandma℠ made some pretty awesome ones with some very cute grandkids. Although they were relatively simple to make, we have a few suggestions for Grandmas when you make them with your grandkids.

We learned the hard way, when cutting the Q-tips the piece cut goes flying, LOL! Our suggestion is to pre-cut the Q-tips. Have the pieces ready for the kids to glue on. You could put them into groups of different parts of the body. It’s also helpful to have a white crayon on hand for the kids to write their names on their black papers.

Another suggestion would be letting the kids do it on their own. So what if their Skeltons don’t look like Skeltons? At least they learned, explored, and created something independently. It’s an activity to teach creativity, not to be displayed at a museum. This activity also gives you an opportunity to talk about our skeletal structure and dance to a fun Go Noodle song; Bones, Bones, Bones!

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