Having just had Spring Break this month, I remembered our 2015 Spring Break when we visited our grandkids who don’t live as close by as the others. Their spring break fell on the same week as ours so since we don’t get to see them often enough, we scheduled to meet up with them and to have our spring breaks together. Papa Rich, Andrew, Lauren, and I drove down to California and spent a couple days just the four of us and we also had an opportunity to have dinner with some of Papa Rich’s cousins.

We met up with the grandkids at Disneyland and it was great to have time to visit and play with the kids. Papa Rich and I hadn’t been married even a year at that point and the trip gave me the opportunity to really get to know the grandkids and create a relationship with each of them. Traveling with grandkids can be tricky at times. Like most people, if they are tired or hungry, they can get a little impatient. Knowing this, Papa Rich and I made sure we took the time to rest and refuel so no one would get “hangry!” Being a prepared Grandma, I had snacks in my bag to offer to the grandkids and was ready with my arterial of jokes to keep the kids engaged while waiting in line. I love a good kid joke and I have lots memorized so I can entertain on the spot. It’s also helpful to have stories or games to keep the crowd entertained. I believe a fun time was had by all and the best part for me was getting to spend time with our cute grandkids!

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