Is Snapchat a camera?  “Not the kind with a flashbulb and a lens cap. It’s a new kind of camera that’s connected to your friends and the world. Over 180 million people use it every day to talk, play, learn — and take some pictures, too.” -Snapchat

It’s an app with loads of FUN for everyone! Go to your app store, search for Snapchat, and download the app.

  • Open the app
  • Tap “Sign Up”
  • Add your first and last name
  • Tap “Sign Up,” add your birthday, and username, and then tap continue
  • Add a password
  • Next, add your email or phone number
  • The ghost icon at the top will give you options to add friends
  • Tap the circle at the bottom for a picture or hold the circle for a video
  • Towards the top, you have three icons
    • Sticky Note icon = Stickers
    • T icon = Text
    • Pencil icon = Drawing (The arrow will delete a drawing)
    • Swipe left or right to scroll through the different options for filters
  • Time icon at the bottom lets you choose how long a picture will appear when sent
  • Ready to send? Tap the blue arrow at the bottom
    • Select the friend or friends you want to send it to
    • Or select “My Story” and all your friends will be able to see it
  • On the homepage, you can learn more by tapping on the gear icon on the top right side
  • Using the facial filters, make sure the camera is on you, press and hold the screen to have a grid cover your face.
    • Now you can swipe through the different filters and have some fun!
    • GG loves this feature and we have many examples of these filters below

For additional help, check out the video below from TechBoomers!



How to Use SnapChat

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