With the arrival of Harvey, two-year-old Beau needed something to occupy his attention when Mom nursed baby brother. GoodGrandma℠ came up with the “Special Box.” The number one rule with the Special Box is that it only comes out when Harvey is nursing. 

The special box, and additional supplies, are kept in the pantry. Which now has a childproof knob on the door. The knives were moved from the kitchen counter to the pantry, and the need for activities for Beau became a priority.

Each time baby Harvey eats, Mom gets the little plastic box out with a new activity, treat, or small toy for Beau. Some of the activities include sports ball stickers with a drawing of playing fields and courts, a magnifying glass, car stickers with a picture of a race track, Kinder Joy Eggs, dinosaur toys, Tootsie Rolls (just one at a time), and construction vehicles to name a few.

The Special Box has been a hit. It’s also helped Mom keep Beau busy while nursing her new baby. 🧡👵🏼💡📦

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