New Baby~ Before & After Baby’s Arrival

What can a GoodGrandma℠ do to help a mommy before and after a new baby arrives? Before the baby arrives is always a good time for a baby shower. I love being able to host a luncheon for the ladies or attending a shower hosted by a sister. Themed parties are a joy to put together and always a treat to host. Obviously, from the pictures, we have recently had several baby girls!

IDEAS to help the mommy-to-be: I love the IDEAS from Baby Chick.

  • Bring the mommy-to-be diapers and wipes for the baby.
  • Clean something at their home.
  • Help her figure out her new baby products and get things set up.
  • Pamper her (pedicures, a new maternity top, a new lipstick, etc.).

What can you do after the new baby arrives? If it’s a first baby, you help the new mommy as she adjusts to life with a newborn. If the baby is the second or third baby in the family, Grandma is on sibling duty. I have enjoyed the opportunities to assist my daughters as first time mommies. It is a wonderful experience to watch my own daughters become wonderful mothers. As their families grow, helping and entertaining older siblings is one of the best parts of being Grandma!

IDEAS to help the new mommy:

  • Stock the fridge with beverages (root-beer, apple juice, etc.) to help with milk production (and buy Daddy’s favorite beverage too)!
  • Help with meals and leave prepared meals for easy dinner preperation.
  • Work on a project in their home (if time allows). Such as deep cleaning the fridge, organizing a linen closet, or weeding the yard.
  • Bring older siblings a small gift, such as a new baby doll. Entertain and occupy older siblings so mommy and baby can rest.
  • Pamper the new mommy with time to care for herself. Buy her some of her favorite treats. Bring her drinks to her bedside. Allow her space, but be available to help when asked or needed.

Recently we had the chance to help with big brother, Jude, when new baby sister arrived. Read Welcoming Our Newest Grand-baby article to learn more about our time together.

Jude, Willow, and I had an great outing together while mommy and new baby sister rested at home. It was fun to have cousin Willow accompany us!

I love the babies! Always have, always will! – Grandma Colleen

What suggestions and IDEAS do you have to help a new mommy before and after the baby arrives?

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