National Puzzle Day!

Happy National Puzzle Day, from GoodGrandma℠. This past month I started to put together a puzzle for Papa Rich. This puzzle nearly killed my love for puzzles!!! I bought a beautiful puzzle of The Nativity print by Greg Olsen. I wanted to put it together, glue it, and frame it for Papa’s den. I was extra careful to assure my dogs, Marco and Polo, didn’t get into the puzzle pieces. After finishing the dark black night part of the puzzle, one piece at a time, I was missing four pieces! One of the missing pieces was right in the middle of the dark part of the night. Obviously missing! I couldn’t frame it with the missing pieces.

I found another nativity puzzle available on eBay and purchased it. Once it arrived, I began the “needle in the haystack” search for the four missing pieces (no pun intended). Jane suggested I start over with the new puzzle, but I couldn’t bring myself to start again, especially because of the dark night.

As I was searching the new puzzle for the missing pieces in the old puzzle, I began to wondered if the two puzzles were cut exactly the same. Yep! You guessed it! They were a slightly different cut. I found pieces I thought would work and then, I made them work, with a little extra effort.

So, like I said, this particular puzzle nearly wiped out my love for puzzles. However, the love runs deep, I’ll be starting another puzzle today. I hope you find a “perfect fit” for your National Puzzle Day! #NationalPuzzleDay

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