A GoodGrandma Spotlight

We would like to introduce a GoodGrandma℠ who has hosted an annual Grandma’s Camp for the past 14 years! That’s right, 14 years of camps! She’s an expert!!! Grandma Maddy, also know as “Mad Dog,” is a remarkable Grandma! Her twin grandsons were born 14 years ago and Grandma Maddy has held a Grandma’s Camp every year, ever since!

The camps started before the boys’ first birthday, Grandma Maddy wanted to give her daughter and her husband a break. Each year after, Grandma Maddy and her husband have taken the boys for a week, to help mom and dad, but also to spend time with the boys. Some of their camps have included camping, fishing, and sometimes even going to San Diego, Disneyland, and Lego Land. But some of the most memorable camps have been right in Grandma Maddy’s own home. When at home, the boys learn new skills such as pottery with Grandpa or cooking with Grandma. The boys have different interests and hobbies, but that’s no worry for Grandma Maddy. She is creative and resourceful.

Grandma Maddy told us she makes plans each spring for the upcoming camp. She tries to find a time when Grandpa can get off work, so he can join in the fun too. One year, camp was held where Grandma Maddy grew up. This is where the boys learned about her nickname “Mad Dog.” Well, needless to say, the boys loved it and it stuck. Grandma Maddy has embraced the name and figured it would become old and go away on it’s own, but, nope! The boys still call her Mad Dog today.

While enjoying camp in Grandma Maddy’s home town, a surprise visitor arrived. Grandma Maddy’s daughter, the boy’s mother, flew out to join them. She said they were having too much fun without her and she just had come to Grandma’s Camp. In addition to holding a Grandma’s Camp, at the conclusion of camp, Grandma Maddy makes a book for each of the boys, as a keepsake of their time together.

Grandma Maddy is an awesome Grandma! Just recently, her third daughter had a baby girl! Grandma Maddy loves spending time with her new granddaughter. In fact, to spend more time in her role as Grandma, Maddy recently had a major job change. She started her own private practice at home. Grandma Maddy is also a therapist and life coach. You can find her at Maple Mountain Therapy & Life Coaching.

Side note: Maddy’s daughter was leaving town and asked her mom to watch their dog, Luke. Her daughter stated, half-joking, she wanted Luke to have a Grandma’s Camp while they were gone. Maddy of course did just that; she and her husband gave Luke a “Furry Grand” Grandma’s Camp. Maddy sent pictures of Luke on a park swing, hanging out at a local play place, and having treats with Grandpa and Grandma. Of course, this was a hit with Luke’s mom and dad! They loved receiving the pictures and couldn’t stop laughing. This happened several years ago, but the family still gets a good laugh from the adventure.

Thank you, Grandma Maddy, for allowing us to spotlight you, and for Giving Grandmas your Good Ideas!

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