Happy National Nail Polish Day

The sun is out! The weather is warming up! Time to break out the sandals! WAIT!!! What about your toes?! Perhaps your toenails need a fresh coat of paint before stepping out for some fun in the sun? Today is a great day to get some nail polish and paint some little piggies! 💅🏼 ❤️ 🎨 🐷

When painting nails, we recommend OPI. Here are a few of our favorite colors. Side note: Their polish names are truly the BEST!

  • LINCOLN PARK AFTER DARK: Where midnight meets purple. A favorite Fall/Winter color. It’s a dark rich purple that goes with everything!
  • YOU’RE A PISA WORK: A favorite pink. It’s the perfect Spring/Summer pink. It complements every skin tone. It’s not available on OPI’s website. The color may be retired, but it is on Ebay, as well as few other sites.
  • GOT MYSELF INTO A JAM-BALAYA: A yummy long-wear nail polish mélange of spice and creamy peach. A favorite splash of coral and a touch of sophistication.

GoodGrandma℠ knows it’s summer break, but here’s a little nail polish history lesson you’ll love!

Nail polish originated in China as early as 3000 BC. The ingredients included beeswax, egg whites, gelatin, and vegetable dyes. In Ancient Egypt, nail polish was even used to signify class rankings: The lower class often wore nude and light colors, while high society painted their nails red. (No wonder red manis are so iconic!)

In 1934, a bottle of Cutex nail polish cost 35 cents. It was only available in three shades of red.

In 2012, nail polish sales reached $768 million.
This was a 32% increase over 2011, and was probably due to a rise in nail art mania.


Grab your favorite polish, and your favorite grandkid 😉, and add some color to your nails today! 👵🏼🧡💡

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