While holiday shopping for all family and friends, don’t forget the Furry Grands. GoodGrandma℠ found some delicious and healthy treats. Snack Shack bones will be in Marco and Polo’s stockings Christmas morning.

We asked Grandpa Bob to share his story of his pets. He has loved his several furry family members over the years. 🧡👵🏼💡🐶

Our family enjoyed several family dogs. When Connie and I had graduated from college and we were in our first home, we added a dog to the family. He was a Dachshund named Doxie. He loved to sit upon the back-seat of the driver’s seat. One day when Angela went missing, we looked for her everywhere. We remember that Doxie was at the house when we started looking. When we found Angela, Doxie was at her side. He had gone and found her and stayed with her until we found her.

Another great dog that we owned was named Duchess. She was a Golden Lab and had a great personality, peaceful, pleasant, and loved her family. She was had three litters of puppies which we adored. Mike was at her side when she would deliver her first puppies. Duchess was able to walk through the house without causing a stir. However, she did love to help herself to Connie’s chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen counter, but who whouldn’t?

We then had a Cocker Spaniel named Watson, Watty. He loved the grandchildren and the grandkids loved him! He was a good dog, but had an unfortunate run-in with a mail truck. He died in Colleen’s arms; it was a sad day for the entire family.

Our last dog was named Socks because of her white paws. Socks was a Border Collie given to us by Connie’s friend, Margaret. Socks was with us for nearly ten years. She loved the grandchildren and would run through the house, ending up on the bed in our bedroom. The grandkids said, “She goes bonkers.” When we were preparing to move, she seemed to know that something was going on and one day jumped into the back of the station wagon and wouldn’t get out. She was going wherever it was that we were going. She loved the “herd” the grandkids in the back-yard and loved to go on walks. Whenever we got the lease out, she would jump and get so excited.

We love our furry friends!!!

Grandpa Bob

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