An important part of Grandma’s Camp is keeping the grandkids fed and avoiding the “HANGRY’S!” We have a few suggestions we would like to share with you about preparing meals and snacks before Grandma’s Camp even begins.

  • PLAN AHEAD: Plan, plan, plan!! If you are doing a hike, make trail mix to have on hand for a snack. If you are swimming pack some fruit and veggies to snack on. Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand and keep the kids hydrated. As you are planning out the menu, start and create a grocery list. I like to section my grocery list into categories; dairy and frozen foods, produce, prepackaged food, and non-food items. This helps to keep track of all of the items and organizes my shopping. In addition, you can add the menu to the bottom of your grocery list. This helps is you are wondering why you have certain item on your grocery list. You can reference the menu and remind yourself of why you need water chestnuts or canned peas.
  • FAVORITES: Ask parents, or better yet, ask the kids their favorite meals, treats, and snacks to have ready and available.
  • SCHEDULE: Have a posted schedule of meal times and menus so children know when and what they are going to be eating. You can do day to day menu’s or for the whole time at camp. Grandma Colleen made some cute menus and displayed them on poster boards at their family reunion.
  • DIET: It’s also important to remember any special diets when planning. Such as gluten-free kids, sugar-free kids, vegetarians, allergies, etc.
  • LOCATION: If you happen to plan to eat out during Grandma’s Camp, be sure to check out the location for possible wait times, kid friendly menu, and hours. The last thing you want is to have a group of hungry and tired kids waiting to eat!

For suggestions and help, you could also reference our App of the month Tasty!

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