GoodGrandma would like to welcome Furry Grand #12 to the family; our first cat! Todd and Kiersten adopted this adorable little furry friend. Here is their story:

About a month ago, a friend posted on Facebook that she had some kittens that needed a good home. Before I even talked to Todd, I messaged her and told her to save one for us. I texted him after asking how he felt about bringing home a new kitty that night— he was totally excited (even if he pretended not to be). When he came home that night I had bad news- the kittens had already been adopted. He was so disappointed, he insisted we drive over to Animal Ark. Sookie was the first and only kitty we looked at— while all the other kittens snoozed, she immediately pressed her face to the glass and watched us. We asked to hold her and she didn’t make a peep, just hung out in my arms happy as can be. 

A month has passed since we adopted Sookie (and it’s taken us almost that whole month to decide on a name for her!) and we could not be more in love. She’s so cuddly and affectionate! We love our Sookie cat!

GoodGrandma decided it was time to learn about cat toys and found a couple of fun toys for Sookie. I researched the top ranked toys for cats and found a fun toy from Cat Dancer Products and SmartyKat catnip toy. Both were purchased on Amazon for less then $6.00. I’m hoping Sookie likes her new toys and that her dog siblings, Rusty and Luna, don’t take her toys.

In addition to finding some fun cat toys for Sookie, I came across a sign for each of our Furry Grand’s homes. Signs Authorities has a “Pets Inside” sign to alert firefighters to pets inside. Each of our sweet Furry Grands will be receiving a sign to keep them safe. GoodGrandma loves our Furry Grands!

Cat Dancer Toys

SmartyKat Toys

Signs Authority

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