The activity for the month of August is SLIME! Slime is a big craze right now, and Lauren is an expert slime maker. She has made several gallons worth of slime over the past two years. GoodGrandma℠ asked Lauren to show us how to make some simple slime for grandmas to make with their grandkids. Lauren’s cousins, Jane’s kids, came over to learn how to make slime. Thank you, Gracie, Logan, and Jack for participating. And a big shout out to Lauren! Thank you, Lauren!

Needed Ingredients:

  1. Elmers glue
  2. Lotion
  3. Shaving Cream
  4. Contact solution

Optional Ingredients:

  1. Food Coloring
  2. Essential Oils

Please follow Lauren’s YouTube video on how to put the slime together.


Elmer’s Glue

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