Our son, Brian, recently added a new member to our family, our eleventh Furry Grand. Brian was looking after and caring for Knox during his owner’s absence. Through a series of events, Brian was able to keep Knox as his own dog. Knox was trained to be an emotional support dog and is very well mannered. Knox bonded with Brian the very first day Brian started caring for him, but that’s not surprising. I feel dogs have a sixth sense about them; it’s like they know the intentions and character of person. Brian has a kind and gentle heart and Knox knows it. In return for Brian’s attention and love, Knox is there for him as his constant companion.

Brian has started teaching Knox some new tricks, and both of them seem to really enjoy the companionship. GoodGrandma℠ is thrilled for Brian. The relationship between a boy (or, in this case, a man) and his dog is something pretty special.

Blue Nose Pit Bulls

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