Hi, my name is Stacy and I am a mom and a grandma. I would like to do A GoodGrandma Spotlight about my own mother, Bev. Grandma Bev is a fabulous example to me of how to reach grandkidsĀ individually and collectively, always showing unconditional love. I remember when I had young children myself andĀ the amount of time she spent with my kids one on one. I wrote in myĀ journal the things she did to remind me how I could be a “good grandma” when the time came.

Bev justĀ turned 67 years old, and shows no signs of slowing down. Just recently she tookĀ her 16-year-old grandson on a hike to Stewart Falls at 6:30 in the morning. While up theĀ canyon she discovered her grandson had never been on a chairlift before, so sheĀ took him to Sundance and UP the chairlift they went!Ā She has also setĀ up tents in her backyard for sleepover, tended grandkids whenĀ needed, and now watches her first great-grand-daughter. She attends baseball and softball games, danceĀ competitions, and high school sports! Bev is a “great-grandmother” in every sense of the word! She gives beautiful packages and gifts to each grandchild for their birthday, to make it special for each them.Ā Christmas is no exception! She thinks about each individual grandchild and finds a special gift just forĀ them.

GoodGrandmaā„  would like to thank Grandma Stacy for sharing this spotlight about her mother, grandmother, and great-grandma, Grandma Bev. Grandma Bev, you are a GOODGRANDMA!

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