GoodGrandma is so excited to be up and running for over a month now. We appreciate your support in our new adventure. We are now 197 subscribers strong after only one month! We have a following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Papa Rich and I are at the beginning of our dream. With your help spreading the word about we will be able to achieve our goal. We want to remain FREE for all Grandmas to use. We want to create a platform for grandparents, a place where we can help each other and “Give Grandparents Good Ideas!”

Our ultimate goal is to provide reminders for you about each and every grandchild: their birthdays, important events, holidays, and special occasions. With each and every reminder coming to you a few weeks out with suggestions for gifts and activities for every grandchild. And of course, we are providing and will continue to provide a secure and safe site. Papa Rich, an attorney, has provided a Privacy Policy for our website. Our website developers, Chase Kaizen, have created a safe place for grandmas to meet and share ideas. In addition to our efforts to keep a secure site, we here at GoodGrandma give our word that your email address is NOT sold or given to any third party! We will protect your identity, the identity of your grandchildren, and give you a fun and safe “Grandma’s Club!”

If you are on social media, follow us, like us, and tell your friends about us! Please spread the word about Thank you again for your support!

Sincerely, Grandma Colleen

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