June 2018 Footnote from Furry Grands

GoodGrandma℠ was able to visit with dear friends, Monica and Bunny, about their Furry Grands. Bunny is Monica’s mother and is the mom of Punkin and Jinx, a Himalayan and Maine Coon cat. Bunny has always had a cat in her life and was told never to have two cats at the same time because the cats would not show as much affection as if there were only one cat. However, after their family cat of 16 years passed away, Bunny and her husband went to the local Pets Smart and adopted brothers Jinx and Jojo. Unfortunately, Jojo passed away unexpectedly and Jinx wasn’t as friendly as they had hoped. They decided to try a breeder to find a cat that looked like Jinx’s brother.

They brought home Punkin to meet Jinx. Punkin was named because Monica would tend to use a higher pitch voice to talk to cats and would call them all “Punkin.” Punkin was cuddly and always wanted attention, being held whenever possible. Jinx, who hadn’t really wanted much to do with any sort of attention, learned a new behavior from his new brother. Jinx was able to warm up to the idea of being a part of the family and wanting affection, on his terms of course. Punkin sleeps with Bunny and her husband, while Jinx still prefers to sleep downstairs, but before retiring for the night, Jinx will always bring one of his toys upstairs to Bunny. He tends to bring her the play mouse. Bunny feels this is a great gesture on Jinx’s part. Bunny mentioned she will never have just one cat again and feels bad for all the times she left there one cat to be cared for in their absence. With two cats they can keep each other company.

Being a cat lover, Bunny, or as the grandkids call her, Nana, has been there for her Furry Grands. When Monica’s cat, Tada, passed away, Bunny was able to grieve with Monica. It’s amazing how our pets become such a big part of our families and our lives. Monica was able to find another cat, the same breed as Tada, but Kimiko did not have the same temperament as Tada. With Bunny having success with two cats, Monica got a second cat names Haole. Bunny has given the new cats gifts as they have joined the family and enjoys building a relationship with the Furry Grands when she comes for visits. Bunny says you can’t force yourself on them, you need to let them sniff you first. Cats are different from dogs and you need to train them by conditioning them. Cats can be more territorial than dogs too and you need to allow them to come to you rather than forcing yourself on them. Monica said that when her mom is in town and comes to her home, Bunny will sit on the floor and use the cat’s toys to interact with them.

Bunny is also a Nana to a cute rescue dog named Wicket, a fur baby to her other daughter, Mandy.

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