GoodGrandma℠ loves celebrating the 4th of July!!! One of our most favorite holidays (its Janes 2nd favorite, the 1st being her birthday)! Grandma Colleen visited some of her grandkids for a few days and made the cutest firecracker tin cans.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper or plastic for the table, if doing this inside. We used a garbage bag and cut it along the sides to drape over the table.
  • Clean dry tin cans in a variety of different sizes. (We used spaghetti sauce, green beans, corn, sliced olives, black beans, and re-fried bean cans.)
  • Red, White, and Blue paints. I bought Crayola washable paints.
  • Craft sponge brushes. Enough for everyone to have one.
  • Hammer and a nail or a screwdriver to get the hole big enough. (If you went to high school in the 90’s start singing Indigo Girls song Hammer and a nail song now)
  • Pipe cleaners in patriotic colors and some in silver and gold.
  • Dollar store flags and patriotic garlands. Really anything you can think of that would look cool coming out of a can!

Make sure Katie Perry’s song Firework is on repeat the entire time you are making your firecrackers!


  • Paint the cans white
  • Sponge paint red
  • Sponge paint blue
  • Make a hole in the bottom, now the top of the can
  • Cut pipe cleaners and garland about 6 to 8 inches and fold in half
  • Tuck the folded part of the garland and pipe cleaner into the hole
  • Bend it inside the can to stay in place
  • Tie patriotic ribbon around the firecrackers
  • Spray with glitter (optional)
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