July 2018 Gift Idea of the Month

GoodGrandma℠ loves summer! A great gift idea for Grandma to give to her grandkids is sunscreen and water toys! Our recent Instagram poll shows that most of you like the spray or aerosol sunscreen as opposed to the lotion sunscreen. Here are a few of our favorites:

Neutrogena has an amazing stick sunscreen that is so light for our adult faces and has a seriously amazing one for our little babies. We found another kind at Walmart for the kids that are great for their faces because you can see where you have applied it and won’t miss a spot!
Water toys can be very basic, but when you use your imagination you can create a world of possibilities. Willow and I enjoy using the rings and plates and pretend to have a dinner party on the edge of the pool. We use the different animal toys for food and have to retrieve them from the water to put on our plates. Another fun toy is the diving stick fabric toys. Copelyn and I used them to pretend we were mermaids and the toys were seaweed. When I played with the same toy with Rife, he was very interested in learning why they would float on the side, but not on the other. It was a great science question and a fun learning/teaching opportunity.

Amazon ~ Underwater Pool Diving Toys Assortment, Drive Rings and Sticks with Goggles by Dive Masters

We found this awesome snorkel mask for Jack this year.  He has loved it!

If all else fails you can…..

Lauren is quite creative and uses her imagination! Way to go, Lauren!

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer

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