Medicine Bottle Snowmen

You know how there are “Pinterest Fails?” GoodGrandma℠ has an “Activity of the Month Fail!” We were really hoping for a fun new way to recycle our old medicine bottles. We have been collecting them for a few months, in anticipation of creating cute medicine bottle snowmen families.

It didn’t go so well. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Don’t do this craft with grandchildren – There isn’t a lot they can do on their own, you need to use spray paint, a hot glue gun, and there are lots of small parts.
  • Use spray paint – We found if you paint the bottles (with the hopes of giving the grandkids a part in the project) the paint just chips off.
  • Not all medicine bottles work – We saved a couple dozen of more bottles, but we only had a handful to use. They labels didn’t come off easily and many of the bottles were sticky.

Although our recycled medicine bottle craft didn’t work out, we did learn there are variety of ways you can use your empty pill bottles. We have saved several IDEAS on our Pinterest board. We hope you’ll check them out!

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