January 2019 Thoughts from Grandma’s Camp

Grandmas Camp thought this month is WHEN do you hold Grandma’s Camp? Scheduling can be difficult with older grandkids. The younger kids may be a little easier, but discussing “when” with parents is a must. Our advice: PLAN far in ahead!

Here are a few items to think about when find the right time to hold your amazing Grandma’s Camp:

  • School schedules: When do they get out for the summer? When do the go back in the fall? When are there breaks during the school year
  • Family Vacation Plans: What plans are set in stone? Are there flexible times that work?

When you figure out all of your schedules, then you can plan on WHEN to have camp. It could be a summer camp, a winter break camp, a spring break camp, or maybe you take some time off from work and school? Just remember, the most important thing when planning WHEN to have your Grandma’s camp…BE FLEXIBLE!

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