GoodGrandma is so excited to have Jane onboard as our official Managing Director! Here is a little bit about our amazing Jane written by her husband Weston:

Jane Marie Kowallis Parsons was born and raised in Orem, Utah. She married Weston Parsons
on November 21, 1998. Connecting Jane with Colleen and eventually GoodGrandma. As the
couple approaches their 20th anniversary Jane often comments that over 16 years have been
pretty good. Jane has three children Gracie Jane, Logan Robert, and Jack Weston that keep her
very busy and in laughs due to each of their individual personalities and characters. The family
has adopted the nickname the “P5”. P for Parsons and 5 for the five members of the
Jane earned her PHT (Putting Him Through) while the couple attended and graduated from
Utah State University and a Masters Degree from Brigham Young University. Following
graduation from Utah State University, the Parsons moved from Logan, Utah to Las Vegas,
Nevada where they first got to spend more time close to Colleen and her family. After some
time in Utah, the family moved to San Antonio, Texas, and Wichita, Kansas, for work reasons
before returning back and settling in Utah.
Jane effectively manages and leads the chaos of the family’s day-to-day activities and needs of
the Parsons family. Jane was attending to a volunteer church assignment that required her
being out of town for a week leaving Weston in charge. Upon her return, Weston made the
comment that she can never leave him or die for another 10 years for the children’s sake. She
maintains an organized and structured home life but is quick to be spontaneous and eager to
have fun and create positive memories.
Jane has always been the life of any party, full of fun and mischief, and fiercely loyal to her
family and friends. She has led and enjoyed helping to raise her 20+ nieces and nephews,
assisting in planning and events of each Grandma’s Camp, served in several volunteer positions
in her community serving youth, and assisted daily in a private daycare for several years.
Beyond spending time with the P5 Jane enjoys the outdoors, playing games with her family,
sporting events (Especially if they involve the Green Bay Packers, the Boston Red Sox, Utah
Jazz, and/or BYU Football), cheering on her kid’s team sports (Feared by most local referee’s),
gardening, reading, and constantly laughing at her husbands “Dad Jokes”.

Jane is a valued asset at GoodGrandma; we couldn’t imagine doing this without her! We love you, Jane!

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