GoodGrandama would like to teach all Grandmas who do not have an Instagram account how to get one. Just follow our easy steps to download and create an account, as well as find your grandkids on Instagram and follow them. Using your smartphone or mobile device, download the free Instagram app from either the Apple Store or Google Play. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your device, open it and follow these steps.

  • Accept Instagram’s Terms of Use – Basically, you promise you won’t post anything that has nudity, violence, hateful images, etc.
  • Create your Profile – On the profile step, pick a username. For example, GoodGrandma is my username but if that one was taken I could’ve added a 1 at the end or something else that you can remember. Then there is a place you can write a short bio and add a profile picture. All accounts are public, but you may elect to create a private account. In that case, only users who you approve may follow you and view your photos. On your profile tab, scroll down to “Privacy.” There, you may select to make photos private. Now you are ready to snap and share!

Posting Your First Picture on Instagram

  • To begin, tap the plus sign icon towards in the center towards the bottom of the screen.
  • The app will ask for access to your phone’s camera. Tap Ok.
  • Tap Library to choose a photo from your photos app. Give the app access to your photos if it asks.
  • Tap Photo or Video to take a new photo or video within the Instagram app.
  • Tap Next.
  • Then, you can choose a filter if you would like.
  • You can also tap edit at the bottom to fine-tune settings like contrast, brightnesses, and more.
  • Tap Next when you’re happy with your edits.
  • Here you can enter a caption for your photo and use hashtags (ex: #dog #cute #loveofmylife) to help other Instagram users find you.
  • You can also tag your friends who have Instagram accounts in your photo, add a location to the photo, and share it on any connected social media accounts.
  • GoodGrandma is on Instagram and can be found under the user name goodgrandmadotcom.

A special thanks to TechBoomers for this helpful “How to use Instagram” video!



How to Use Instagram

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