Happy Mother’s Day! We hope all you grandmas, mothers, and future mothers are having an extra special day. Here at GoodGrandma, we would like to remind all mother’s that this is a day to celebrate YOU. As Yoda from Star Wars once said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” We all DO our very best at being a mother or grandmother and meeting the needs of our children and grandchildren. We do not have the Jedi force, we are only human and we fall short and fail. Today is a day we encourage you to not focus on how many times you may have failed, but on how many times you have succeeded!

So, we DO our best, but we cannot do it all alone. It takes a village to raise a child, whether it’s a sister, a friend, a church member, a teacher, an aunt, or a cousin, we all aid in the rearing of a child.

Pictures of my mother! I love you, Mom!

GG asked family and friends to provide a few words they think of when they hear the word MOTHER. We have made a list of these qualities or attributes of mother’s. You may feel like you don’t measure up to the list, but YOU DO! This list is not daily or weekly, or even yearly qualities you possess, but qualities mother’s gain over a lifetime; a lifetime of mothering! Nurturer, teacher, safe, love, delicious food, home, gratitude, unconditional love, comforter, safety, trusting, protective, seamstress, caring, reassurance, birth giver, smart, reliable, sweet, counselor, hardworking, brave, confidant, selfless, tutor, accepting, inspiring, wise, mender, chauffeur, instructor, cook, potty trainer, librarian, proud, scapegoat, sweet, respectful, thoughtful, disciplinarian, caregiver, sacrifice, wonderful, service, friend.

Pictures of my babies, those who call me “Mom!”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Lots of Love, GoodGrandma

Mother’s Day by Famifi

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