Happiest of Birthdays to JANE!

We are excited to celebrate our partner in crime (or business partner’s) birthday today! Thanks to Mom, we got the inside scoop about the Birthday Girl! Are you ready? Jane, are you ready? Here we go!!! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Jane born 41 years ago, weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces. She wanted to arrive to earth backwards. The doctors had to change her mind, and it took some persuading! On Jane’s blessing day, her Grandma J. was there. Jane wore a beautiful white lace dress. She was such a good baby! Except around 5:00 pm, when it was time for Mom to prepare dinner for the rest of the family. The fussing would continue until dinner was over and the dishes done. She just wanted to her mommy!

Jane’s 1st birthday was the beginning of her love for parties. πŸŽ‰ She always loves a good party. Her personality is a true yellow personality; spontaneous, optimistic, sociable. However, she is also very organized and a hard worker. Yet, she can plan and throw a party, go on vacation, or take an afternoon to play her favorite game, Scrabble, at the drop of a balloon. 🎈

Jane’s favorite holiday is Easter. πŸ₯šπŸ₯🐰 If you were to hide eggs, she would hunt for them, even today. The next best holiday, in Jane’s opinion, is Halloween. πŸŽƒ She has planned and held some awesome Halloween parties over the years! She loves to decorate, cook, decorate some more, bake, and plan activities and games. You name it, she can do it! Still, the main event for Halloween is dressing up (past Halloween pictures provided by Mom)!

Valentine’s Day is Jane’s least favorite holiday. ❀️ In about the fourth grade, Jane worked non-stop preparing Valentine’s, each with a little treat inside, for all of her school mates. Finishing, she placed them in a basket, ready to deliver the next day, and put the basket on her bedroom floor. Well, that night, her dog Pepper, thought the treats were for him. He ate each one of the treats concealed in the little envelopes. What a mess! Jane was one very disappointed little girl. Pepper’s mistake had a negative impact on Jane and the holiday. Apparently, such a negative long lasting memory, that Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated. 😞

Even at the age of three, Jane had the demure of a little princess. So much a little lady, at such a young age. She is still a lady today, and continues to sport those bangs! Ahh! As Jane grew, she maintained the happy disposition and was always willing to lend a hand. Jane’s Mom helped a friend decorate wedding cakes from time to time. Jane would help mix, stir, and clean up. Yum! Thank you, Audrey! Later, another friend of her Mom’s, who ran a catering business, had Jane join the older family in working wedding receptions. Jane learned a lot! Maybe that’s why she’s so good at parties and get-togethers? Thanks, Leeann!

Having stories read to her was something Jane regularly enjoyed. She crawled up into her Mom’s bed and listened to her favorite stories. Her dad said he read a certain poem to over and over. When was able express herself, she told him she never liked that poem. πŸ˜‚ At a time when her Dad was working publishing magazines, which required a lot of mailings, Jane would accompany her Dad to the post office. One day, her Mom went to the post office with Jane. All of the workers behind the desks were winking, smiling, and waving at Jane. Her Mom said, “What’s going on here?” Jane quickly replied, “Mom, I come here all the time with Dad.” Always the little charmer! Got to love that smile with the missing tooth. 😍

The sun, warm temperatures, and exercise are words that describe Jane. As she became a teen-ager, she loved to go hiking and camping, even though she suffered with back pain, always the little trooper! Once, when asked about taking a trip to Alaska, her response was that she couldn’t understand why anyone would pay money to go somewhere cold! She would rather go where it was warm and there was a beach. Can you blame her?

In junior high school, Jane was a “latch-key child.” Although she was very obedient to the “rules” about not answering the door and the phone, as well as old enough to take care of herself for an hour, there were times she could be found doing some strange things. Once her Mom caught her using a floor lamp for a microphone, the lamp shade as a hat, and singing at the top of her lungs to a song by The Mama’s and The Papa’s. Very creative, as well as interesting. 😜

Jane is a good daughter, good friend, (a GoodGrandma partner), good mother, and a good wife! She loves to be needed and is incredibly dedicated. Her parents and family all love her, enjoy her, and are very proud of her! Love you, Jane! Happy Birthday Month! – Love, Mom

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