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By Book Guru Grandma, Grandma Judy

Well, I suppose by now that you have been informed that it is Jane’s birthday month! Hey, Grandmas! Have you ever, in your lifetime, celebrated a birthday month? I’m thinking, NOT! Oh, well. If you can get away with it, and obviously Jane can, maybe we could try. Anyway, Jane called to say it might be a good time to write a book review, just in time for someone’s birthday. Surprise, surprise! 😝 It just so happens I have a favorite birthday book! The title is Moira’s Birthday, by Robert Munsch, illustrated by Micahel Mertchenko. I learned that Mr. Munsch was visiting friends and their little girl, Moira, was celebrating her birthday. She asked Mr. Munsch if he would write a birthday book for her. This book is a result of her inquiry. Oh, how I would love to be that creative!

The story goes, like this… Moira tells her mom, and then her dad, that for her birthday party she would like to invite, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, grade 6, aaaaaand kindergarten! Her dad says that’s crazy, and she can only invite six friends, just six! Hmmm… Moira has other ideas! Moira goes ahead with her plans. Her parents are unaware, until all these children show up! Oh, the turmoil in ordering enough pizza and cake for the party! Librarian note: When I would read this to the kiddos, a look of horror would spread over their faces, thinking, I am sure, of the trouble they would be in if they did such a thing. That look would remain until the page where the pile of presents was illustrated. Then they thought it was a really neat IDEA!

Although there was a happy outcome, with a lot of creative solutions/disasters, I would always warn the children not to try this at home! 😊 I think you would have a great time reading this cute book to your grandchildren. I think they will have a great time hearing it. You can find a paperback book on Amazon for just over a dollar and a hard cover is around $13.50. The age range perfect for this book would be from kindergarten to 3rd grade. Although, at my age, I love it too!

Robert Munsch’s 1986, Love You Forever, is an all time favorite!!! He also has many other great books. They are lots of fun to read, and the illustrations are an absolute riot! Years ago, we had a third grade teacher who featured Munsch books in a unit she presented each year. Certainly upped my circulation on the “M” easy fiction section in the library, ’cause the kiddos learned to love Robert Munsch’s books!

So, a happy birthday month, and birthday to Jane! 🎈🎂 🎁 And happy reading to all of you sweet grandmas! Until next time. – Book Guru Grandma

Business Recovery 2014
Read by Robert Munsch

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