Happy 50th, Colleen!

It’s someone’s birthday today! And, it’s a big one! HUGE! Our GoodGrandma℠ founder, and brains behind it all…COLLEEN! She is turning the big 50 today! Can you believe it? She is amazing. She is always planning something and including everyone. I always say she is crazy, but I love her kind of crazy! I am amazed at all she has done in her 50 years. With everything she has been through, she still manages to smile and have time for her kids and grandkids.

I love to hear all the stories about her from her mom and dad. They have kept calendars from when their kids were younger and Colleen was definitely the most active one! She had something. Every. Single. Day; dance, theater, orchestra, student council, you name it she did it.

She and I have become very close since moving back by each other. I am so happy she has become one of my closest friends. We love you Colleen! HAPPY HAPPY 50th!!

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