Play-dough Fun!

Ahhhhh play-dough fun! Play-dough and I have a love/hate relationship. I love to play with the grandkids with it, but then my OCD kicks in and I start to hyperventilate a little. I don’t like the colors mixing. Then there’s the tiny, itty, bitty play-dough particles that end up on the floor. Which end up on the bottom of my shoe, and eventually gets ground into the carpet. That being said, it can be an awesome play time with the kids! It’s fun to watch their creativity and imagination come to life. You can use items from around the house to make patterns, cut, and make shapes. It’s even better if you play with it at their house, so that mom can clean it up! Ha ha, just kidding…or am I? -Jane

GoodGrandma℠ recently had a playdate with a cute little two-year-old grandson. I brought shape cookie cutters and plastic knifes, as well as motorcycle and truck cookie cutters. We had a great time creating all different things. The best part was watching him with the knife. He was having so much fun cutting the play-dough. I rolled the play-dough and made a snake, then in a funny voice said, “Hi, I’m Sammy the snake.” We both laughed and I moved on to the next play-dough activity. Next thing I knew, I was handed a head of the snake and Jude laughing. Boys! Needless to say, we had a wonderful time playing and creating together with play-dough. -Grandma Colleen

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