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The original GoodGrandma℠, Grandma Connie, gave books each Christmas, and lots of them. She did this for years! She used a personalized stamp to mark the books from her. Being an elementary school teacher for 21 years she’s knows the importance of daily reading. She gave books to all five of children, stacks and stacks of books. She wanted to help create a personal library in each of her grandchildren’s homes. The book stamp says, “This book is for you! Lots of love- Grandma.” This way the grandkids know which books are from Grandma, and they know she loves them LOTS!

We love this IDEA, and because we give our grandkids books for their birthdays, we decided to get our own personalized stamp. We found a site on Amazon and ordered our book stamp. It says, “From PAPA RICH AND GRANDMA COLLEEN. We love you! READ! LEARN! GROW!” We can’t wait to use it!

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