GG Idea: For each grandchild’s birthday, Papa Rich and I give them a book. We like to find books that apply to them personally. This year Hannah was fitted for glasses, and, might I add, looks absolutely adorable. I found Naughty Mabel SEES IT ALL by Nathan Lane and Devlin Elliott. It’s a story about a dog that is having trouble seeing. For Myla, our granddaughter that loves dogs, we purchased a personalized book with a story about her and her dog Boston. It is through Petlandia by Steve Cleverley. And even though Rife, our grandson, won’t be celebrating his birthday until August, I found Walter the Farting Dog by William Kotzwinkle and Glenn Murray to give him. He is turning six and he is going to love this story! ???? I like giving gifts that have a purpose and are meaningful. Papa Rich writes a personal message to each grandchild and dates it. We are building their personal libraries and hopefully instilling a love of reading too!

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