GoodGrandma℠ plans out all of the monthly family dinners at the beginning of each year. Unfortunately, this year we missed a few months. 😕 😷 However, this past month we were able to gather some of the family together and had a really simple dinner. It wasn’t in the Family Dinner Plans, but it was a perfect substitute. Papa Rich bought Papa Murphy Pizza for the family. The take and bake type of pizzas. In addition to pizza, I made two different green salads and a veggie tray, Jenny brought apples and made a delicious apple dip, and Mary made her amazing chocolate chip cookies.

Making an easy dinner gave me a chance to spend more time playing with the grandkids. We took a walk, a wagon ride, played in the yard, ate Otter Pops, visited, and even flew Grandma’s kite, until it got a little to windy.

In addition to dinner and playing, we watched three of our grandchildren’s dance recital. Get this, the dance studio video taped each of the numbers individually over several weeks and edited them together. Then, the dancers and their families came together at a local drive-in theater and watched the entire production from their cars. Talk about creativity! I was impressed!

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