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Papa Rich and I like to have all of our kids together as often as possible. This is not an easy task. In order for this to happen, we have scheduled monthly family dinners. We decided the fourth Sunday of each month is our designated day. There is absolutely no pressure to attend. However, by planning in advance, we hope they will make an extra effort to come. And, we will get to see our kids and they will see each other!

So, I may be a little OCD, or as I like to say, “I’m CDO, because then it is alphabetized.” Jane says I am a little “Crazy Town.” Whatever the reason I am the way I am, I plan, I schedule, and make things happen! For example, I already planned the menu for all of the 2019 dinners, sent out the assignments, and arranged an activity to do with the grandkids. Although the dinners are scheduled and planned, I know I need to be flexible, life happens.

I have had several request for a copy of the 2019 family dinners. So, here you go! I hope this helps you and your family! Enjoy!

Sunday Family Dinner 2019

January 27th

  • Menu: Soup in bread bowls
  • Needed: Salads, dessert
  • Activity: Valentine cookies and cards

February 23rd (Saturday)

  • Special Day and Time ~ Menu suggestion: Chicken & Rice
  • Colleen’s 50th birthday party ~ Needed suggestion: Salad, rolls, dessert
  • Provided by Papa Rich ~ Activity suggestion: Slime

March 24th

  • Menu: Ham and funeral potatoes 
  • Needed: Salad, Green bean casserole, rolls, dessert
  • Activity: Easter craft

April 28th

  • Menu: Rump Roast, mashed potatoes, and gravy
  • Needed: Salad, cooked vegetable, rolls, dessert
  • Activity: Patriotic craft

May 19th or 26th (Memorial Day Weekend)

  • Menu: BBQ chicken
  • Needed: Pasta salad, deviled eggs, corn on the cob, fruit salad, dessert
  • Activity: Sidewalk chalk and wagon rides

June 23rd 

  • Menu: Tacos
  • Needed: Beans, rice, chips & salsa, dessert
  • Activity: Piñata 

July 28th

  • Menu: Hawaiian haystacks 
  • Needed: Rolls, fruit, dessert
  • Activity: Snow cones 

August 25th

  • Menu: Hamburgers and hotdogs 
  • Needed: Chips, salads, corn on the cob dessert
  • Activity: Papa Rich’s birthday celebration~ Activity suggestion: Hand print art

September 22nd

  • Menu: Spaghetti and meatballs
  • Needed: Garlic bread, cooked vegetables, Caesar salad, dessert
  • Activity: Halloween craft

October 27th

November 24th

  • Menu: Breakfast for dinner
  • Needed: Fruit, muffins, cinnamon rolls
  • Activity: Come in PJ’s and play board games

December (Date TBD)

  • Menu: Out to eat or Baked Potato Bar
  • Needed: Nothing or Salads, dessert
  • Activity: Christmas Traditions

3 thoughts on “Family Dinner IDEAS!”

  1. I’m loving this idea! I like having one designated Sunday a month for the kids – especially my husband’s kids. That way I’m not cooking for a different set every week. Not that I don’t like having them over, but sometimes it’s nice to not have anyone extra! Do you have them tell you in advance if they can come or not?

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