Welcome, August and the last month of summer. 😞 When GoodGrandma℠ decided to make a monthly wreath to greet the grandkids, it was the garden hose wreath that started it all. I saw a garden hose wreath on my neighbors front door and thought it was so cute! The nice thing about it, it’s simple to make.


  • Small Garden Hose ☀️
  • Ribbon (My wreath has burlap)
  • Flowers (I chose daisies) 🌼
  • Gardening Gloves (The gloves given to me from a friend) Thanks, Shannon!
  • A Gardening Tool

The circle of the wreath is all done for you! Don’t take off the ties holding the hose together. Instead, use the ribbon or burlap to cover the ties. Make some bows and hot glue them on, along with some flowers and some gardening accessories! Such an easy and fun summertime wreath!

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