GG Idea: Our monthly family dinner happen to fall on Willow’s third birthday! So, we had a party!!! I used our Barbie toys for decorations and for a fun guessing game. We played How Many Barbie Shoes and Pin The Hair-Bow on Barbie. I didn’t spend a lot of money to make this party happen. I reused decorations from a baby shower and made the Barbie silhouette on poster board. I printed bows and laminated them for future use. I wrote names on the bows with a permanent marker. (Using a dry erase marker over the permanent maker you can easily erase the name). When the celebration was over I used a skirt hanger to hang the poster in a closet to save it for another time. I purchased candy necklaces and bracelets as decorations and prizes for the grandkids. It was convenient and helpful to have all of the Valentines decorations up to add to the omnibus. We all had a wonderful time, and Willow loved the Barbie-themed party.

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