GoodGrandma℠ would like to share a little bit about daughters and daughters-in-law; the cute girls who play an important part in helping us become grandmas. These sweet girls are a joy in our lives. They are the bridge between grandma and grandkids.

I have learned that is vital to the relationship not to overstep their role as a mother. My response when a grandchild asks me for a treat, an activity, or anything out of the norm is to say, “Let’s ask your mommy first.” That doesn’t mean I don’t let a little extra treat slide sometimes, but for the most part, what mom says goes.

These beautiful brides photos hang on our bedroom wall. I know this is a tradition that my own mother has, as well as other grandmas. Both daughters and daughters-in-law hang in our house and is a favorite decor in our room. GoodGrandma looks forward to adding another daughter to the wall in August. Summer weddings and beautiful brides make for a happy grandma.

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