Beauticians in the Making

Beauticians in the Making

One of my fondest memories of my Grandma Myrle, was getting to do her hair. She was always dressed appropriately and held herself like a queen. However, when we went to our family cabin, she would let me and my cousin Kristie comb her hair. Her hair was so soft and beautiful, I never understood why she wore a wig. I remember it being a beautiful dark brown. In addition to doing my grandma’s hair, we also had the chance to comb my grandpa’s wavy locks from time to time. I cherish the times I was able to care for my grandparents.

Now that I am the Grandma, I enjoy being the one to get my hair done. I have had the opportunity to have several of my grandchildren style my hair. Although they are only beautician’s in the making, we still have a lot of fun styling each others hair.

I’m also lucky to have Jane around to do my hair. I have had a couple of hand surgeries, making it difficult to style my own hair. Jane to the rescue! Jane was my stylist for our video spoof of Heather Locklear’s “Tell Two Friends” commercial. Jane’s pretty awesome at doing just about anything! Thank you, Jane!

Tell Two Friends

We are very fortunate to have our very own hairstylist in the family; Mary is incredibly talented and has done hair professionally for years. She is definitely our go-to for our hair styling needs, which includes styling Lauren’s hair for gymnastic competitions.

Here’s another thought, if you don’t have hair to style, you could always use Snapchat filters to create yourself a new do! LOL!

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