Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Playing outside in the snow can be a bit chilly, but totally worth the memories you can create! At GoodGrandma℠ we like to keep extra winter gear on hand, just incase the kiddos want to venture outside when visiting. After living in Las Vegas for a couple of decades, moving to Utah required us to buy winter clothing. As my kids out grew the snow pants, we kept them and use them for the grandkids.

Although being cold is not our favorite, we have to admit, we do love playing outside in the snow. And, when we are finished playing, it’s always a treat to come inside for a cup of hot cocoa. GoodGrandma keeps the hot cocoa supplies stocked and ready. The best part of the hot cocoa is the scoop of vanilla ice cream. It cools the hot cocoa to drinking temperature and makes it’s so creamy. Delicious, ahh!

Here are some pictures, as well as videos of our family enjoying the snow.

December 2018
December 2014

Oh, we forgot to mention, here’s an IDEA. GoodGramdma has hooks on the wall in the garage, just outside the door. It’s a great place to hang those wet clothes to dry. We are all about “Giving Grandmas Good Ideas!”

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