WINNERS of July 2019 Giveaway!


GoodGrandma℠ is pleased to announce our 5 Glad Pad Winners! Each winner will receive a Glad Pad to help them be a prepared and FUN Grandma! Although, you don’t have to be a Grandma to win, or to be prepared and FUN! Congratulations to our winners!


  1. Jeannagt – Instagram
  2. Claycraigster ~ Instagram
  3. Ceniacparsons ~ Instagram
  4. Diana Reynolds ~ Facebook
  5. Marina Machado ~ Facebook

Glad Pads are available for purchase on our website,! Get yours today!

GoodGrandma Glad Pad ~ Description

  • 4.25×5.5 notepad
  • 50 pages total
  • Games Included: Tic Tac Toe, Connect the Dots, Hangman, Paper Airplane, I Spy, Maze to Grandmother’s house
  • Six copies of each game
  • $5.95 each

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