Bucket List Trip

Four years ago, Papa Rich and I took a trip with four of our grandkids and their parents. We went to see the redwood trees at Muir Woods National Monument. I love the trees and I was so excited for this trip—not only to see the trees (something on my bucket list), but to spend time with this sweet family.

It was a chilly January morning, but we bundled up and set out to see the giant trees. It was a dream come true for me and being with Laura’s family made it even better. We explored, took pictures, and I hugged a few trees. I laid on the ground and looked up into the grove of trees, an extremely spiritual experience for me. “These giants can live to be 2,000 years old and have graced the planet for more than 240 million years.” (Live Science) I find the trees fascinating, their “tree roots are very shallow, often only five or six feet deep. But they make up for it in width, sometimes extending up to 100 feet from the trunk. They thrive in thick groves, where the roots can intertwine and even fuse together. This gives them tremendous strength against the forces of nature. This way they can withstand high winds and raging floods.” (SunnyFortuna.com)

These trees have lived on the earth for so long and have withstood the elements of Mother Nature. Why? They grow in “families,” they support each other, and give each other strength. To me, this represents how families should be; strength building, supportive, and together, always.

In addition to visiting the trees, we also had some fun going on a hike, playing at a local park, checking out Fisherman’s Wharf, and swinging by Apple headquarters. I believe a fun time was had by all. I know I did!!!

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