Taking a walk has more meaning today than ever before. It’s a chance to get out of the house for a change of scenery. GoodGrandma℠ neighborhood has some IDEAS to make it fun and entertaining, as well as staying connected with each other.

For example, we are hanging different colored hearts each week on our front doors. We started with a red heart for love ❤️. The following week was a yellow heart for hope 💛. This week is a blue heart for faith 💙. While out walking the kids they can play “I spy” and look for the hearts. As adults, we can take note of who is missing hearts and contact them through text messages or emails to check in on them.

My daughter’s neighborhood has different themes to put in their windows for a “Window Walk.” Such as encouraging words, jokes, silly faces, etc. It makes walks around the neighborhood enjoyable and amusing.

Here’s another IDEA, go on a bear hunt! Have neighbors place a bear in their window, a paper bear or a stuffed bear. First, read We’re Going On A Bear Hunt to the grandkids. Next, get your empty toilet paper rolls and make binoculars. Then, get outside for a walk and hunt for bears! 🐻

Whether you have the opportunity to try these IDEAS yourself or pass the information along, we hope that weather permitting, you can take a walk. 👵🏻🧡💡

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