National Little Red Wagon Day!

I love today’s National Holiday! GoodGrandma℠ is excited to celebrate National Little Red Wagon Day! Years and years ago our Original GoodGrandma, Grandma Connie, gave Grandpa Bob a little red wagon as a gift. Who gives an older gentleman a wagon as a gift? Well, it turned out to be the best gift IDEA! Grandpa Bob and his grandkids created countless memories while on their many wagon rides.

I have a red wagon. I am looking forward to the warmer weather, having the grandkids come to play, and go on little red wagon rides!

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Activity of the Month, June 2018

4 thoughts on “Reason to Celebrate ~ Wagons”

  1. My apologizes, GoodGrandma celebrated Little Red Wagon Day a week early. The National Little Red Wagon Day is the last Wednesday in March. So, this year it is Wednesday, March 27th. However, we don’t really mind that we had the wrong date, we get to celebrate twice!

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