One of the things I love about Papa Rich is his devotion to family. As you know, he has a long-standing tradition Memorial Day weekend of paying tribute to those who have gone on before us. He spends days going to dozens of family members gravesites to remember and honor them. This past weekend would have been Papa Rich’s Dad’s 100th birthday. We had a family dinner to celebrate Rusty. I was fortunate to be associated with Rusty years before his passing. He was a very kind and loving man who was always respectful to women. His legacy lives on through his sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons.

My dad, Rusty Rife, was born 100 years ago. The most frequent comment I hear from anyone who knew him is: β€œYour dad was a great guy!” He really was a great guy! He was a man of good cheer. He treated my mom like a queen. We lost him 21 years ago, and I have missed him and thought of him every single day. What a blessing to have Rusty as my father!

Papa Rich

How do you celebrate and remember your ancestors?

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