Happy National Sibling Day!

Ahhhh, Siblings Day! Siblings are the best, right? Siblings have to love each other no matter what, right? And, vice versa! Claudia Evart, founder of Sibling Day, chose April 10th in honor of her sister’s birthday. Claudia Evart created National Sibling Day to recognize and remember both her sister and her brother, whom she lost far too early.

I am the baby in my family, so obviously I’m the favorite! 😉 However, poor Colleen is the middle child; the most messed up or the most well-adjusted. 😆 You decide.

GoodGrandma℠ would like to encourage you to reach out to your siblings. Give them a call or a text and CELEBRATE! I wanted to share a few funny eCards for National Sibling Day, you’re welcome! Happy National Sibling Day!

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