National Sewing Machine Day

GoodGrandma℠ could not let today go by without taking a moment to reflect on the past and family ancestors. Today is National Sewing Machine Day! My great grandmother, Laura May, bought a sewing machine in 1910, for $80.00. She was to make monthly payments of $3.00. It is a beautiful and well kept sewing machine. This was a treasure to the family in the early 1900’s, and even more today!

My mother, the Original GoodGrandma, loves to sew. She has sewn clothing, Barbie Doll clothing, accessories, personalized countless items, and dozens and dozens of quilts. She is truly an accomplished seamstress. She has had many sewing machines in her lifetime. One of her earlier machines is now mine. I don’t sew, but use it from time to time for mending. It’s a wonderful machine and stills works as well as it did decades ago.

In addition to her Grandma Laura May’s machine, Grandma Connie has purchased a couple of other antique sewing machines. She also has her modern fancy high-tech machines. She has a love for the machines, sewing, and for her ancestors who made it possible for her to learn to sew.

Happy National Sewing Machine Day! Do you sew? Do you have ancestors who taught you the art of sewing? What items do you or do they like to sew?

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