It’s hot outside and the grandkids need a cool treat! Grandmas, no need to fear, freezer pops are here!!! GoodGrandma℠ has a few suggestions for frozen treats for the grandkids, as well as some helpful IDEAS! First, Otter Pops are now all clear in color. They are no longer using color dye, making clean-up a lot easier. I love that! Next, for the little grandkids, the mini popsicles are perfect. They can finish them before they melt. Way to go, Popsicle, great IDEA! Lastly, after doing a little research, I decided to highlight two frozen pop companies, Jel Sert and Popsicle. Both companies are doing great things, beyond making a cool refreshing treat!

Jel Sert Brand

Jel Sert Company has been around since 1926. Not only do they have a variety of freezer pops to choose from, but they also have drink mixes and dessert mixes. Jolly Rancher, Juicy Juice, Otter Pops, Skittle, Slush Puppie, Sonic, Sour Patch, Sunkist, SunnyD, War Heads, and Wyler’s are all familiar name brands, all part of or associated with Jel Sert. Who knew? Jel Sert is also involved in giving back to the community. They support and are involved with the The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) and American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO).

Popsicle Ice Pops

Popsicle brand was created in 1905, by Frank Epperson. There are over 43 varieties of Popsicles. Crayola, Disney Frozen, Hello Kitty, Jolly Rancher, Minons, Paw Patrol, Spiderman, SpongeBob Squarepants, and Wonder Woman are associated with the Popsicle brand. Popsicle, with these big name figures, have a Play Zone, with games, jokes, crafts, and more! Check it out!

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