I enjoy scheduling play-dates with the grandchildren who live close by. I love spending time with the kids and giving their mommies a little break. When I go to play with the three adorable sisters, we have a fun tradition. The girls get to request a toy from Grandma’s which I bring with me to play with on our play-date. They enjoy playing with my older toys so much and this way they get to play with them more. The last visit I was asked by Copelyn, “Why do you have so many toys if no one plays with them?” I told her my own kids played with them and took good care of them in order to make them last for the grandkids to play!

Some of the other activities we have done on our play-dates are: making simple crafts, baking pre-made cookie dough, and walking to the park to swing.  In addition to all the play, I can’t pass up teaching opportunity with my grandchildren. Many of my visits, Willow likes to go through Grandma’s purse. She loves chapstick or chappystick, as she likes to call it, and she knows right where to find it. With the other items in my purse, we practice counting and learn about money. I also love passing on fun phrases I was taught as a child. When we go to the park we always have to swing and say, “One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go!” And of course on the “four to go,” I run under the swing making them go higher.

Recently sweet baby Romi was born and I was able to give a few inexpensive items to the big girls to keep them busy while mom took care of the baby. I always have my eye out for a deal. The dollar store or the end caps in the larger stores are both great. I can usually find things for a dollar or less to give to grandchildren to educate, occupy, or play with.
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